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Session Track: Featured Speaker
Featured Speaker
  • Speaker: Charlie Miller, Principal Autonomous Vehicle Security Architect, & Renowned 'White Hat' Hacker, Principal Autonomous Vehicle Security Architect, & Renowned 'White Hat' Hacker 
Time: Thursday, May 02, 8:30am - 9:30am , Room: Peninsula 4
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Session Description: Dr. Charlie Miller reveals just how vulnerable corporate computer systems are, while making a passionate plea for clients, carriers and firms to treat cybersecurity as a top priority.

Charlie Miller Bio: Dr. Charlie Miller reveals just how vulnerable your computer systems are, while making a passionate plea for consumers and companies to treat cybersecurity as a top priority. A former National Security Agency hacker, 4-time winner of Pwn2Own, the “Super Bowl” of computer hacking, and the first to hack both iPhone and Android phones, Dr. Miller gained national attention after he and research partner Chris Valasek hacked a 2014 Jeep Cherokee and took control of the vehicle from more than 10 miles away. A Principal Autonomous Vehicle Security Architect at Cruise Automation and former head of the autonomous vehicle security division at Didi Chuxing, a China-based ride sharing company, Dr. Miller focuses on society’s increasing connectivity and the opportunities it creates for harmful intrusions. On stage, he takes audiences on detailed, behind-the-scenes journeys to illustrate how hackers exploit vulnerabilities and why corporations and governments should address cybersecurity before assets—or lives—are put at risk. By providing practical suggestions to improve security and deter dangerous online adversaries, Dr. Miller’s candid and enlightening presentations help audiences recognize the gravity of this 21st century issue and walk away with solutions for prevention.
Session Track: Concurrent Session
Asset Liability Management and Modeling in Life Insurance
  • Speaker: Daniel Finn, Director, Conning
    Frank Cataldo, Director, Conning
    Yu Shi Feng, TransRe 
Time: Thursday, May 02, 9:30am - 10:45am , Room: Peninsula 7
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Session Description: In this session, presenters will discuss portfolio construction considering economic and regulatory capital constraints. Regulatory Capital is unavoidable and is usually a binding constraint for life insurance products. However, Economic Capital is a more reliable measure of risk and can be constrained at the all levels of the organization. The dilemma is how to come up with a business plan that optimizes appropriate objective measures while balancing these concerns. This session will look at several different approaches to address the risk-reward trade-off of different portfolios. It will also discuss the ways in which changes in the regulatory environment can impact a company's optimal portfolio.

Daniel Finn Bio:
Frank Cataldo Bio:
Yu Shi Feng Bio:
Session Track: Concurrent Session
Enterprise Risk Appetite Statement: From Creation to Execution
  • Speaker: Leeanne Barnes, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan
    Tammy Suzuki, Principal, Enterprise & Operational Risk Management, Strategy & Risk, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
    Karen Love, Senior Manager, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
    Florian Richard, Actuary & Risk Manager, XL Reinsurance America Inc 
Time: Thursday, May 02, 9:30am - 10:45am , Room: Peninsula 6
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Session Description: Enterprise Risk Appetite Statements articulate the amount and type of risks that an organization is willing to take in order to meet its strategic objectives. This session will provide an overview of how Ontario Teachers’ defines its Enterprise Risk Appetite Statement as part of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program that engages leaders to have meaningful discussions on risk tolerances for identified risks. This will be complimented by a broader industry-wide view on recent trends, considerations, and features of risk appetites.

Leeanne Barnes Bio: Leeanne Barnes is a seasoned risk management professional with over 20 years of experience in various industries. Prior to joining Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan in 2013, she held roles of increasing responsibility at ING DIRECT, including leading and maturing the Operational Risk Management function, Fraud Detection, Information Security, Business Continuity, Sarbanes Oxley, Outsourcing, Procurement, and Special Projects. Through this time, Leeanne also worked closely with Canadian and European Regulators. Prior to ING, Leeanne spent five years at Deloitte, assisting clients in the Risk Consulting and Regulatory Services space. Leeanne is currently the Director of Enterprise and Operational Risk Management at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan. Leeanne works closely with the Board and Executive Team to provide a consistent approach to effectively understand, measure, report and manage / mitigate new & emerging enterprise and operational risks. She also supports the enterprise view of risk appetite, and supports the Board and Management Committees in overseeing important enterprise risks.
Tammy Suzuki Bio: Tammy is a risk management professional with 15 years of experience working at Ontario Teachers’ in areas from risk modelling, new product research, asset liability management, and enterprise and operational risk management with a keen interest in the link between strategic risk management and decision making. Tammy is a CFA charterholder and has the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification.
Karen Love Bio: Karen is a Senior Manager in Deloitte Toronto's Risk Advisory practice, having recently returned following 3 years leading the operational risk team for financial services in Deloitte Zurich (Switzerland). Karen's experience includes working directly with financial institutions and regulators with a focus on leading governance, operational risk management, and regulatory driven advisory projects, including risk appetite. Karen is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant.
Florian Richard Bio:
Session Track: Concurrent Session
Model Risk Management: Industry Practices and Regulators' Expectations
  • Speaker: Seong-min Eom, Chief Actuary, New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
    Jon Zeu Wu, Faculty, Central Connecticut State University 
Time: Thursday, May 02, 9:30am - 10:45am , Room: Peninsula 5
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Session Description: This session will discuss insurance industry practices of Model Risk Management including components and practical approaches in managing model risks and implementing a model risk management framework. This presentation will build off of the new practice note on Considerations in Model Risk Management for the Actuary, set to be released by the Model Risk Management Work Group of the American Academy of Actuaries' ERM/ORSA Committee in early 2019. The presentation will cover various practices in different components of model risk management, including: Model risk management policy and governance aspects; Applying processes and policies to various practice areas; Applying and implementing model risk management in different organizations/environments; and Understanding the regulators' point of view on why model risk management matters.

Seong-min Eom Bio:
Jon Zeu Wu Bio: An executive with FSA, MAAA, CERA, and MBA specializes in Actuarial, Financial, M&A, Risk Management for US, Canada, Mexico, LatAm, and Asia/Pacific regions. Jon is current a faculty teaching in Central Connecticut State University teaching Intermediate Accounting.
Session Track: Concurrent Session
Risk Evaluation Perspectives: Firm, Sector & Horizon Scanning
  • Speaker: Cameron Heath
    Stefan Claus, Technical Head of Insurance, Bank of England 
Time: Thursday, May 02, 9:30am - 10:45am , Room: Peninsula 4
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Session Description: This session brings together learnings on risk assessment supporting the evaluation of capital requirements and business model viability. We will provide practical observations to benefit risk modelling actuaries and encourage debate on the assessment of complex risks. 1: Firm Level risk assessment; we will share: Natcat modelling: recent Bank of England research on hurricane clustering; Assessing internal model drift: the Bank's approach to monitoring IM drift designed to assess whether IMs remain fit-for-purpose 2: Sector Level risk assessment; we will share: Pricing conditions in the Wholesale Market: insights from our annual Monitoring-the-Market survey; including how this is used to assess firms business plans. Stress testing of global risks: our latest stress tests for London Market insurers that cover North American perils. 3: Horizon scanning; we will share: Insights of our work on cloud computing & cyber - one of various Bank technology initiatives within the context of assessing operational resilience.

Cameron Heath Bio:
Stefan Claus Bio: Stefan is the Technical Head of the General Insurance Division within the PRA. His primary responsibility is to identify and lead on thematic issues impacting the General Insurance industry in the UK, covering both London Market and Retail insurers. Last year he was responsible for the design and roll-out of the General Insurance Stress Test, and most recently he has been responsible for leading the PRA’s analysis of soft market conditions and reserving levels. He also leads a team of Technical Specialists that are responsible for risk horizon scanning – current themes include the impact of autonomous vehicles, FinTech and InsureTech on the general insurance industry. Stefan is a qualified actuary with 20 years of experience within general insurance, having most recently been a Director at KPMG.
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